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Feature Updates: November 2018

2018 has been a big year. We’ve been busy implementing new airport clients and enhancing our functionality to provide a higher degree of passenger experience.

As our valued client, we want you to be aware of these recent updates in order to get maximum benefit from our co-operation.

Below you will find a list of recent service updates that you may find useful in your airport.

They will be part of your current license agreement unless stated otherwise.

If you have questions, or are interested in implementing these features in your airport, we welcome you to get in touch at any time. We have also released our December 2019 updates which you can see here.

Update 1:

New WeChat Integration

Developed primarily as a communication method for the inbound Chinese market.

If you already have an airport XX WeChat account then we can simply include the BizTweet functionality on WeChat.

Note: this is a change to your current license and would incur a fee to support.

Update 2:

Facebook Messenger Buttons

Our Facebook messenger buttons allow passengers to select the information they are most interested in. Based on their selection, suggestions will be delivered in their messenger feed.

The buttons are fully customisable. In this case (Birmingham Airport), we set up buttons for Directions & parking, Shopping, At the airport, Eating and drinking and Special assistance.

That’s not all – delivery of information can factor in things like demographic, and location in the airport. So if a passenger is departing from T1, we will only show them information that relates to T1 such as restaurants, security and commercial offers relevant to that terminal only.

Update 3:

Security Wait Time Notifications

If any of the following 3 API’s — Blip, CrowdVision and Xovis — provide you with your security wait times then we can easily provide this information to passengers via BizTweet.

This helps set their expectation before they get anywhere near the security area.

Update 4:

Web / PWA notifications

We now offer push notifications directly within the browser, adding yet more ways to communicate with passengers and keep them updated.

Passengers sign up on the airport website, and then receive the notifications in real time, just as they would via social media messaging.

Update 5:

CRM API Interface

Integrate your CRM to keep track of customer behaviour and build your database over time.

This feature is coming up to beta release. If you would like to be part of the beta testing program, get in touch with us ASAP.

Update 6:

Improved, Simplified User Interface

To make BizTweet easier and more intuitive to use, we decided to simplify the UI for our clients.

The new clean responsive design includes a streamlined version, focused on settings that airports are more likely use on a regular basis.

TIC still retains the ability to change all the configuration setting so that all the flexibility remains and no functionality is lost.

Click to enlarge.

Update 7:

Airline Branding

We can now integrate airline branding into all our messaging, adding an extra layer of personalisation.

The passengers are able to relate to the airline brand they are flying with. A visual indicator of their airline enhances the template and provides reassurance to the passenger.

Do any of these features look useful to you?

Send us a message and we will discuss setting them up for you.

BizTweet has always been more than an airport ‘chatbot’. Our talent lies in the data and therefore our technology is based & configured on personal data, not the probability of a generic answer being correct (which is typically how chatbots work).

We are currently working with 60+ airports ranging in size from 2M to 85M in 40+ languages which puts TIC in a very unique position. At present we aren’t able to confirm that all the below will be put into action, however we are considering the following functionality for our roadmap (in no particular order):

  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Passenger level, Predictive Retail Analytics
  • Passenger Insights
  • Sentimental rating
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Blockchain Payment integration

If any of the above features interest you please let us know. The feedback will help us decide where to invest our development time, and we always want to dedicate our effort in the area that will have the most impact on your airport.