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Feature Updates: December 2019

2019 has been another demanding year. We’ve been busy implementing new airport clients and enhancing our functionality to provide a higher degree of passenger experience.

As our valued client, we want you to be aware of these recent updates in order to get maximum benefit from our co-operation.

Below you will find a list of recent service updates that you may find useful in your airport which are in addition to the updates from November 2018.

They will be part of your current license agreement unless stated otherwise.

If you have questions, or are interested in implementing these features in your airport, we welcome you to get in touch at any time.

Update 1:

Bespoke Operational Cards

Create a bespoke design for your operational messages. Visually delight your passengers whilst keeping consistent with your brand identity.

Update 2:

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Uniquely our NLP technology is across all platforms so no matter what platform the passenger asks a question on whether it be Twitter, Messenger or WhatsApp we can automatically respond.

Update 3:

WhatsApp Integration

Deliver your message automatically via the world’s largest VOIP messaging App, WhatsApp. WhatsApp has 1.6B active users across 180 countries. WhatsApp is the most preferred messenger app in the world today. Note: this is a change to your current license and would incur a fee to support.

Update 4:

Kiosk Integration

Once your passenger has checked-in via the kiosk provide them with relevant information on the go, direct to their WiFi device.

Update 5:

Parking Reservation Integration

Once the passenger has made their car parking reservation their focus turns to their trip. Prompt the passenger to register for updates so the airport has valuable insights and the passenger receives engagement and updates earlier in the process.

Update 6:

Viber Integration

Deliver your message automatically to approximately 1B users. Viber is currently the fourth largest messaging app. Our technology is available on the top four (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Viber).

Note: this is a change to your current license and would incur a fee to support.

Update 7:

Webchat Window

Combining our flight notification service and our NLP provide passenger with answers to questions and real-time flight information via our Webchat window. Note: this is a change to your current license and would incur a fee to support.

Update 8:

User Friendly User Interface

Building on our clean responsive design we have continued the rolling out of the configuration settings. Our focus is still on settings that airports are more likely use on a regular basis. TIC still retains the ability to change all the configuration setting so that all the flexibility remains and no functionality is lost.

Do any of these features look useful to you?

Send us a message and we will discuss setting them up for you.

BizTweet has always been more than an airport ‘chatbot’, more than an NLP service with push notification. Our technology is ‘data-driven’ which means the airport can examine and organise their data with the goal of better serving their passengers, for the passenger this means a higher level of personalised/relevant content. So whether that means different content based on whether a passenger arriving or departing, their final destination, their platform, how they registered or a combination our technology empowers you to deliver a highly personalised service.

We are currently working with 60+ airports ranging in size from 1.5M to 90M in 40+ languages which puts TIC in a very unique position. 2020 will be a special year for us, after five years of “BizTweet” it will be time to rebrand, our new brand will represent our dedication to the airport sector and our omni-channel service we provide.

If any of the above features interest you please let us know. The feedback will help us decide where to invest our development time, and we always want to dedicate our effort in the area that will have the most impact on your airport.