Dynamic Twitter Lists Boosts Airport Passenger Experience

By 24th April 2016 March 5th, 2020 Uncategorized

Twitter has some standard functionality called lists, Twitter themselves define a list as: A list is a curated group of Twitter accounts. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. Viewing a list timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the accounts on that list.

Normally creating a list is a manual process so they tend to be static, accounts that you may add to over time. However we have created “dynamic lists”, a list where accounts are added and removed automatically based on the passengers flight. BizTweet is the first (that we know of!) to use such dynamic lists. For airports we define this as: passengers are automatically added to a list when they register for flight information, one hour after the flight has arrived or departed they are removed from the list. Viewing a list timeline will show you a stream of tweets from only the accounts that are registered for flight information at that specific time i.e. a list of tweets from passengers at your airport at that given time.

For airports this means they are not only able to pass real-time information to passengers but they have a list of passengers in the airport, and can watch/monitor their Twitter accounts and respond where necessary even if the passenger hasn’t mentioned the airport Twitter handle, pro-actively engaging with the passenger and surpassing their expectations.

There are numerous software packages that monitor certain (key)words, so typically you’d monitor your company name however if a passenger doesn’t tweet that specific word it will be missed. Dynamic lists means all tweets by passengers in the airport using BizTweet are view-able in one timeline.


How does it work:

A passenger registers for real-time flight information via the BizTweet service:


They receive real-time flight information:


They are added to a private list “current_bt_users” which only the airport can access.


Once the passenger has received their last flight information they are removed from the list. Therefore the list contains “active” passengers for the airport to monitor, assist and pro-actively engage with.