Leading (Top 5) airports on Twitter, worldwide

By 7th August 2016 March 5th, 2020 Blog

According to Twittairport there are some 887 airports with a Twitter account. The top, as of 5th August 2016, are located in London (UK), Melbourne (Australia), Dubai (U.A.E.), Barquisimeto (Venezuela) and Amsterdam (Holland).


Taking the accounts in order:

@LCYFlightInfo – been number one in the world since November 2015. There highest month of tweets was June with 13,933 tweets. Even with a seasonal drop in July London City Airport have consistently been over 10,000 tweets since May 2016.

@MELFlights – is a relatively new account which has been 3rd the last few months but now seeing themselves in second place and based on current levels due to tweet >7,000 messages for the month of August.

@DXBUpdates – The account has been active for 18 months and has recently reached the top five primarily due to the increased volumes during the holiday period and the disruption during the recent #EK521 incident, during which time the account saw an increase in usage of 1000%.

@aeropuertolara – Typically tweeting in Spanish has consistently been in the top five for a number of years. In fact the account was top of the airport charts from May 2015 until London City Airport knocked them off in November. Generally they tweet 5-6,000 tweets per month, almost half the number of some of the leading accounts.

@Schiphol – The oldest of the top five accounts, in fact the eldest in the top 10 and one of the first airports on Twitter having joined in 2007. Typically they tweet 3,500 tweets per month.

Four out of the top five are also feature in the top four for interaction, the exception being @auropuertolara with an Interaction share of 43.29%.


From the below chart you can see the kind of posts the top five airports are doing. The top four do very little posts, most interaction (all in some   cases) are replies presumable directly to passengers i.e. passenger engagement. The majority of the @aeropuertolara tweets are posts and retweets with a very low number of replies/passenger engagement.tweetpercentages

The top three accounts @LCYFlightInfo, @MELFlights and @DXBUpdates are all powered by BizTweet technology, allowing them to provide passengers with personalised real-time information for passengers on-the-go. With BizTweet being deployed at three more airports, in the US, UK and Australia in the coming months. Current their Twitter handles account for >20% of all worldwide airport tweets so with new clients on-boarding they are set to dominate the airport charts going forward.

Source: TwittAirport.com