Our Rebranding Journey-BizTweet to AirChat

By 10th March 2020 Blog

Our Rebranding Story…

Welcome to our new website! As you may have noticed we have decided to rebrand our software from ‘BizTweet’ to ‘AirChat’. This has been a very exciting experience for us. Over the years, the company has grown significantly, specialising in the Airport Industry. We would like to thank all our loyal customers and promise to continue providing a high-quality service. Our main aim of rebranding was to clarify our brand identity. Throughout this blog, we will explain the process and reasoning for various aspects of the rebranding.

About Us

Founded in 2010, TIC is an innovative technology company based in Cork, Ireland. We develop user-friendly software solutions that businesses can use and adapt to communicate more effectively with their customers. Our main software AirChat allows Airports to send real-time, automated messages to their passengers using Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Webchat and WeChat.

We serve customers throughout the UK and overseas. We currently provide over 60 airports worldwide with the ability to communicate in over 40 different languages. This has helped airports worldwide to profile passengers and improve their customer service.

AirChat provides a wide range of benefits:

  1. Instant personalised messaging to passengers about flights and services such as shops, restaurants, parking etc.
  2. Airports can offer digital coupons (QR codes and barcodes) to customers, business rules can dictate when and for whom rewards/offers are distributed.
  3. Featured on multiple touchpoints including Wi-Fi captive portal, interactive kiosks, mobile-compatible website and mobile messaging.
  4. Provides passengers with operational notifications to reduce travel uncertainty -wait times, traffic, security, baggage, etc.
  5. Offers relevant and contextual recommendations for guests across all channels and measures improvements in customer engagement.

Renaming ‘BizTweet’ to ‘AirChat’

At the beginning of our journey, BizTweet communicated information to customers using Twitter. Although the company has evolved throughout the years, the customer has always been our main priority. From our research, we discovered consumers prefer to use a range of social media platforms to communicate.  We have worked hard to expand these services, which are now available on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, WebChat and WeChat.  Considering the product offering has changed we believe AirChat is more fitting and suitable name. “Air” is Airport shortened to describe the location and information provided by service. “Chat” is a friendly and welcoming way to communicate.

New Logo

A logo is an essential element of a company’s brand image. It allows for instant recognition, acting as a symbol for what the business stands for. We felt it was important to display new visual branding across all channels to reflect our new sense of direction. We came up with different designs but decided that this was the most suitable and consistent with our brand identity. This logo is a more modern interpretation of the company’s offerings.

What the logo means to us:

It was vital for us to create a logo that was easily understood by the customer. We decided to use the same colours as previously used on the website and the old logo. These colours help distinguish us from competitors and are instantly recognisable for consumers.

We used a font that was easy to read but could be associated with the brand due to a similar curved design to the logo. The logo resembles the shape of a cube with a speech bubble inside. There are many different faces to a cube similarly to an AirChat conversation, suitable to all passengers. The ability to communicate effectively is at the heart of our brand.

Our New AirChat Website

We wanted to design a website that was user-friendly and allowed for easy navigation. The aim was to reduce load time to improve the customer’s experience. This helped us to maximise the click-through rate and reduce the bounce rate. We decided to apply the same colour palette to the new website as these colours are associated with the brand and logo.

We are working continuously to improve and keep our website up to date. We plan on updating our blog more often on our new website. If there’s any data or technology area that you’d like us to blog about, please let us know.

If you have any feedback or queries regarding the rebranding, feel free to contact us!

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