Social media becoming vital ‘day of travel’ tool as airports and airlines leverage real time benefits

By 23rd August 2015 March 5th, 2020 In the Press

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Providing timely and relevant updates to passengers is a sure-fire way to help them keep on top of their travel plans and relieve stress during the day of travel, and airports and airlines are increasingly turning to social media, leveraging a variety of channels to create key communication platforms.

The emphasis being placed on social media is highlighted in the latest Airport IT Trends Survey by SITA, which states that managing customer relations via social media is on the rise, with 30% of airports using social media to improve customer relations in 2014; a figure that is expected to increase by a further 40% by 2017.

BizTweet is the power behind @LCYFlightInfo and @DXBUpdates allowing both airports to automate their real-time communication to passengers. How BizTweet differs from legacy systems such as SMS/Email is that the airport can change the content of the communication based on the passengers flight and social data. This means the airport can ensure the communication is not only timely but also personalised and relevant to the passengers.