TIC delivers true AI Chatbot for passengers

By 2nd November 2016 March 5th, 2020 Blog

TwitterandMessengerChatbots are nothing new; a part of everyday life they are designed to simulate conversation with users via audio or text methods. However, despite many claiming to be personalised, according to TIC, that is not the case. And as a result, the innovative tech-focussed company has developed a truly unique chatbot platform with built in Artificial Intelligence, in order to provide users with a truly unique experience when jetting off on holiday or a business trip.

Paul Brugger, Founder and C.E.O. of TIC, said, “Most, if not all, chatbots claim to be personalised because they respond differently to different questions, but if five people message for information or help, all five will receive exactly the same answer – no matter who the person is. Therefore it is not personalised at all.

“True personalisation is when the response is tailored to each individual in order to make it relevant. Our chatbot was designed with airports in mind, in order to enable appropriate communication every time. Airports can send specialist information, such as sun cream offers for passengers jetting off to warmer climates, gender-specific deals, and even location-based suggestions so passengers do not receive an enticing offer relating to a product that is the opposite end of the airport than they are.”

And airports needn’t worry about it seeming too salesy – the communication is actually initiated by the passenger. It uses the same software as the IATA award-winning BizTweet platform to offer the tips and advice intelligently. Interested passengers can either simply send a Tweet or a message to the bot, or click on the appropriate social icon on the airport website in order to activate the service. The

The pioneering chatbot is also able to adjust tone of voice so that it resonates with its audience and produces a higher rate of interaction than generic chatbots used by companies all over the world.

Paul, added, “As these highly personalised messages are more pertinent, they are by default, more effective. By investing in a truly intelligent piece of software, airports and their partners are able to make the most of these golden opportunities, while standing out from their competitors.”

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TIC is an innovative technology company based in Cork, Ireland. Serving customers across four continents, it designs bespoke and user friendly software solutions that businesses can use and adapt to communicate more efficiently with their customers. BizTweet is TIC’s flagship product, and has won numerous business awards since its inception in 2011. The innovative software provides corporations with the ability to make intelligent decisions on their customer base depending on their customer’s data and send pre-configured social messages which are sent in real-time. Helping businesses to overcome the problems of impersonalised or time-sensitive social media replies and responses, BizTweet helps businesses to stand out from their competitors, easily and effectively.